Monday, August 22, 2011

Will's Rainbow Cake

Ta da! This is the second cake Will decorated. He came up with the idea and drew it out last week. Here he is, hard at work. Isn't he adorable?

His idea was a rainbow cake for his grandparents, Mitzi and Jeff. His original design included little rainbows all around the sides, too, but we ran out of time and fondant for that. In the end, he settled on a rainbow just on the top, with names on the sides (front and back). The letters were made with cutters and fondant. The cake itself is chocolate and it is yummy! I actually really like the simplicity of it and how the colors really pop against the white vanilla bean icing. Here are a couple more shots of the cake.

I hope you enjoyed Will's cake! Again, I think he is enormously talented and it was fun decorating with him! Come back again soon!

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  1. How fun! Good Job Will! He's learning from a talented Momma!