Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Little Cakers

Aren't they just the cutest little cooks in the kitchen? They have their own aprons, decorated themselves, and everything!

A few weeks ago, I let Will and Kate decorate a couple of little cakes. They said it was for my birthday, though my birthday had passed already and after they were done they had a touch of a problem with sharing their masterpieces. But man did they have fun! And so did I!

Here are some more pics of them hard at work.

Kate is trying hard to decide what cutter she wants to use next. Lots of flower shapes to choose from!

Will is very serious and very focused. He knew exactly what he was going to do before he started. Those of you who know him won't be surprised by that at all!

Will has issues with the way Kate is doing her cake. I think he's about to give her some instruction. Helpful of course! :)

I'm not sure what Kate is doing with her hand in that last picture. And I'm sorry it's blurry! I still thought it was worth sharing!

Here are the finished cakes. First, Kate's creation. Lots of flowers, some butterflies, and some bears. The one bear has her name stamped into it. Very girly and just lovely!

And Will's. Those are bats in memory of Halloween and a Star Wars spaceship in honor of Will's first love right now, Star Wars. I love how neat and organized it is. He did such a great job!

Each had definite opinions on which was the best cake. I love them both equally and can very clearly see the personality of each child is his/her cake. It's funny how their decorating reflects their personalities!

I hope you enjoyed my kids' creations! I did supply the modeling chocolate (that's what the cut-outs were made of), the cutters and tools, and the supervision. But I let them each do whatever they wanted and tried not to help at all unless they asked. I am so proud of my little cakers! :)

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