Thursday, December 29, 2011

White Christmas

I don't know about where you are, but around here we are wishing we could have had a white Christmas. No snow was to be found at all last weekend! But it was still a very nice Christmas!

We did have a hard time convincing my daughter that Santa would still come even though there was no snow! She was very nervous...

I didn't end up having time to do the Christmas cake designs that I wanted to do, so the day after Christmas, I decided to do one of them on a faux cake. This "cake" is actually a styrofoam dummy. Cool, huh? And no calories! :)

The cake makes me feel like we had a bit of white Christmas at our house!

The whole thing is covered with white fondant. The "trees" are sugar cones turned upside down. The two shorter ones are cut to make them a little smaller, so the heights of the trees would not all be the same. I frosted them with buttercream and then rolled them in sparkling sugar. Next time, I think I will use royal icing and dip them, maybe multiple times, to get a nice thick coat, instead of frosting them. I was disappointed that the cone showed through and that the icing showed a bit because it was slightly more ivory in color than the fondant and the sugar. But overall, I love the look of it!

Here are a couple more shots for a closer look.

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas! May God bless you on this New Years' weekend and throughout the coming year!

Stay tuned for shots of more Christmas treats!

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