Saturday, July 23, 2011

Yellow and Grey

I've been wanting to do this design for awhile. I saw a picture on The TomKat Studio's site.
I really love the paper fan pinwheels and the color combination! I thought I needed to figure out a way to do it on a cake. So, I took some fondant mixed with gumpaste and gave it a try. I must say, it was harder than I thought to get the right effect! I like how they turned out, but they aren't quite what I had pictured in my head. I may give it another try at some point.

The cake itself is my cinnamon cake. I'm still testing that recipe. I think I've got it now. This version was moist, tender, and full of cinnamon flavor. Yum! I paired it (again) with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream, this time colored yellow. The coloring of the Swiss meringue was another stumbling block that I hit with this cake! The SMBC is a little harder to work with when it is so hot and humid out. I made it and it came together beautifully. But when I tried to color it, the color just wouldn't take! After adding quite a bit of the Wilton lemon yellow color, it still looked just off-white, with bright yellow around the edges. I let it sit overnight in the frig. to firm up and in the morning it was still off-white. I stirred the extra, which was by now pretty yellow, but streaky, and added another thin coat to the cakes. This is why now they are yellow but a little bit splotchy and not quite as smooth as I had it at first. I guess I need more practice! And, this was a learning process. Next time, I will try using oil-based candy colors with my SMBC instead to see if that helps. I will also let the buttercream sit at room temperature for awhile to take on the color before frosting the cake. Hopefully those tricks will help!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this cake! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Beautiful! You must be having fun.

  2. That is a cool yellow look tho it may not have been as bright/solid as you wanted. I like that you show your color and design inspiration. Funny, I almost bought cake flour today 'because you said so' but then I remembered that I don't bake least I haven't in several years and no fancy cakes : } I will try bleached flour to see if I notice the difference in cookies, whenever I get around to finishing the flour I have (in a year or 2).