Saturday, January 26, 2013

Painted Paisleys

I have been dying to share this with all of you. It is one of my new favorite techniques for decorating!

Painting... on a cake! How cool is that?

I was inspired by this scrapbook paper. The colors drew me in and the pattern, pared down, seemed perfect for a small cake.

I have admired this decorating technique for awhile now and Craftsy recently added a class on it, taught by one of my favorite cake artists. Please take a minute and go check her out at Three Little Blackbirds. Better yet, check out her free (yes, free!) class at Craftsy.

The background for my painting is white fondant. The "paint" is actually gel food colors diluted with a little vodka and water mix (50/50). I painted it all free-hand with the scrapbook paper in front of me for guidance.

It was so much fun to sit and paint this. I'll definitely be doing this more and I'm looking forward to playing with different colors and designs.

The cake inside is a vanilla butter cake with blackberry swiss meringue buttercream filling. So tasty! Come back soon for the recipe for the cake. I've been playing with my normal recipe and I think I have a new winner!

Doesn't it look delicious?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. This is beautiful, Kristen! I love cake especially yours and I really like paisley. I think you are right, you have a winner here.
    Love dad and rebecca

  2. Very pretty! Freehand??!! Wow, you did awesome! I like your take on the image making the design bigger & spread out more, not as busy as the paper. And I like your colors/shades of color, elegant looking cake, in a paisley way! :)

  3. Beautiful cake! I just watched her Craftsy course last night and I can't wait to try it on a cake.

  4. Thanks, Kate! Her course was great, wasn't it? When you try it, be sure to put a pic on your blog so I can see yours too! :)