Monday, January 14, 2013

Will's 7th Birthday

Small and simple.

My (not so) little boy turned 7 last week. I still can hardly believe it. Time really does fly by us at an incredible rate.

Will is amazing. Those of you who know him know what I'm talking about.

Will and I had grand plans for his cake this year, but time got away from us. So, we simplified things. I still think it's pretty nice. And Will loved it!

The candles on the top spelled out his name. Kate picked those out and Will was so tickled with them.

The little Spiderman is a toy. Maybe sometime I will learn how to make Spiderman out of fondant.

Happy Birthday, Will! You are the BEST!

Will picked the flavor of this cake. It's a new recipe I'm still working on: Almond Buttermilk Cake. It's yummy! I am hoping to be able to share the recipe soon. Just tweaking it a bit still. I filled it with vanilla bean buttercream. A match made in heaven. Will practically licked his plate clean! We ALL practically licked the plate clean! I then covered it in ganache and fondant. The buildings, web and name on the side of the cake are all fondant, too.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!


  1. Kristen, your cakes are AMAZING!!!

  2. Very impressive! Both Will and the cake. I'm proud of all of You and the family effort for Will's birthday.